VAT complience Estonia

If the taxable supplies of Estonian businesses or fixed establishments of foreign businesses in Estonia exceed EUR 40,000 in a calendar year, VAT registration is required.

Voluntary registration is also possible, even if the threshold is not reached.

VAT registration usually takes about 2 weeks although there’s no time limit set and the process may last much longer, especially if the management board of a company consist of foreigners. The speed of the process depends much on the tax officer reviewing the case and on the documents presented as proof.

In case you are in a hurry with starting your business transactions we strongly recommend to purchase a company with an active VAT ID. We have VAT registered companies for sale but in case you have purchased a company without a VAT ID nr, we can help you in the VAT registration process.

It is important to understand that without a VAT ID the company is not eligible for VAT refunds, neither can your foreign partners sell you goods or services without adding VAT.

Read more about VAT complience from the website of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce.

You can check if the company has an active VAT nr from the website of the Estonian Tax and Customs board.

In order to proceed with the purchase of a company fill the form.

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