The manager of each company knows that increasing of existing market share is not enough for surviving in tough competition nowadays but cost and expenses shall be reduced as well. One of the options available is purchase of accounting services from outside. Using of such services is preferred by the reason that monthly salaries payable to accountants and costs for acquiring necessary software may be avoided and in addition thereto internal structural changes of the company may be simpler harmonized to total accounting costs. We do help you in whatsoever you intend to do!

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Number of entries Price per month
1-5 38€
6-10 51€
11-25 80€
26-50 96€
51-…. 150€-….€ (ask for a price offer)
  1. Accounting procedures pursuant to valid law of the Republic of Estonia and good accounting practice
  2. Verification of accounting evidences and entering in the database required (daily journal, main ledger)
  3. Accounting of fixed assets
  4. Pay-roll accounting
  5. Purchase and sale ledger
  6. Settlement of accounts with the persons liable to reporting
  7. VAT accounting and producing of tax returns
  8. Out-prints from accounting registers created
  9. Tax accounting and producing of tax returns for the IRS

Entering of starting accounting data and procedures is FREE for our (Wasp Project) customers!

Creating of tax returns and their producing for the IRS
Notes produced together with tax returns
Creating and producing of statistics reports
Creating of a costs report
Creating of a business trip report
Creating of other accounting reports if required
Fast service fee (balance sheet, income statement, other reports)
Creating of account chart (single job)
Filing of starting accounting data (for new companies FREE)

(+VAT 20%)

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