Bank account in Estonia

It’s possible to get an Estonian limited company set up in 30 minutes. We also sell companies with active bank accounts and provide assistance in the bank. We can assist you in opening a bank account to your company or to yourself . Services also available remotely.

There are some differences while opening accounts for companies owned by non residents, to non residents or to people who aren’t residents of EU countries. In some of the banks additional fees, starting from 250 euros, apply for opening private accounts to residents of third countries. For everyone who’s not an Estonian resident, connection with Estonia must be proven – owning real estate or a company will be enough, in some cases you have to be a registered member of the management board to become a client of the bank. You can contact us for further information.

Opening accounts for foreing companies is possible.

Due to the changes in policies of banks operating in Estonia, many of them take some time for deciding weather to accept the new client or not. The process usually takes about 5 days. If the answer is positive, the account agreement can be signed. If you aren’t present, upon request, we can do this for you.

As said, there are still banks that will open the account without any delay. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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