Remote services

Following services available remotely:

  • Ready made company (also with an active VAT ID nr)
  • Ownership changes
  • Changes in the data on the registry card
  • Liquidation
  • VAT ID registration
  • Filing annual report

For transfering ownership of a private limited company parties have to sign a contract in a notarized form. In order to make amendments in the data on the registry card of any form of business it’s necessary to file an application that has to be eigther digitally signed or notarized.

It is always faster and cheaper setting up a company or making amendments in data registered in the Commercial Registry while being present but as sometimes it’s not possible there are ways to solve the problem.

In order to change the data on the registry card we can prepare all necessary documents and send them to you over the e-mail. Usually the only document on which the signature has to be notarized is the application for making the amendments. The signature on the application can be veryfied at a notary office anywhere in the world. We’ll take care of the rest after recieving the original documents. If you are an e-resident or you have an ID-card and you are using the possibility to sign documents digitally then it’s easy as digital siqning = notarized signature.

If there’s transferring an ownership in question and one or neither of the parties can’t be physically present it’s possible to issue a power of attorney to us or to a person one trusts. The power of attorney has to be notarized, in some cases apostille is required.

Be sure to contact us before issuing the POA as we’ll provide you the exact text as sometimes there may be certain requirements. In some cases additional notarized documents are necessary. Note that in most cases all the documents have to be officially translated. Although we are able to get the documents translated that can take time and due to that it may have an effect on your timetable.

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