Registry changes

Should a necessity occur to change the data of a company already registered in the Commercial Register, we offer our services to guide you through the process: we advise you in planning the changes, we’ll prepare the required documents, organize translation, notary appointments and forward the documents to the Commercial Registry.

We have solutions that allow us to take care of the changes without your presence if necessary. Contact us for additional information.

Services offered:

  • address changes (we also provide address services / virtual office services)
  • changing the name of the company
  • changing the articles of association (bylaws)
  • membership changes in the Board of Directors or Supervisory Board
  • ownership changes
  • increase or reduction of registered share capital
  • mergers / divisions / transformations
  • liquidation / bankruptcy

Although we are used to provide fast service and in most cases we are able to take care of the whole process in a couple of hours in some cases it’s not possible due to the procedures that come from different laws and regulations.

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