Estonian e-residency

How do I apply?

Here’s what to do to join the digital society and become an e-Resident:

When you are already in Estonia, find your nearest Police and Border Guard Office:

Nearest service point to the airport and/or seaport is at J.Vilmsi street 59, Tallinn (opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00, closed on the last Friday of every month).

List and contacts of all offices around Estonia can be found here

In order to apply, you need:

● Travel document or physical identification document from your native country

● Document photo, taken at the location

● Application form, filled out at the location

● Present your biometrics at the location (fingerprints)

● Pay the state fee of 50 euros (currently in cash only, on-site)

2. OR: when you are abroad, you can apply for e-Residency in most Estonian embassies and consular offices around the world. 

Starting from 1st of April 2015, applying is possible in the following countries and cities (sorted alphabetically by country):

Australia: Canberra / Austria: Vienna / Belarus: Minsk / Belgium: Brussels / Brazil: Brasilia / Canada: Ottawa / China: Beijing and Shanghai / Czech Republic: Prague / Denmark: Copenhagen / Egypt: Cairo / Finland: Helsinki / France: Paris / Georgia: Tbilisi / Germany: Berlin / Greece: Athens / India: New Delhi / Ireland: Dublin / Israel: Tel Aviv / Italy: Rome / Japan: Tokyo / Kazakhstan: Astana / Latvia: Riga / Lithuania: Vilnius / Netherlands: The Hague / Norway: Oslo / Poland: Warsaw / Portugal: Lisbon / Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg and Pskov / Spain: Madrid / Sweden: Stockholm / Turkey: Ankara / Ukraine: Kiev / United Kingdom: London / USA: Washington D.C. and New York City


Until end of April, you will still be required to make two visits to Estonian consular office – first to apply and then the second time to receive the card, once all is OK. Starting from May 2015, the process will become much easier as we open online application site and only one visit to our office will be required.

See Estonia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs site for detailed application instructions here. When applying for e-Residency abroad, the state fee is 80 euros.

The contact details of Estonian embassies and representations are here. Please note that honorary consuls will not be in capacity to issue e-Residency.

Please be aware that the Estonian Police and Border Guard office has the right to inquire further information from you during the background check if needed, including, but not limited to your previous connections with Estonia or the purpose of your application. Documents submitted by the applicant to our foreign representation shall also be forwarded for review and checking by the Police and Border Guard Board.

Once the necessary checks are completed, you will be notified via e-mail whether or not you are eligible. If all is OK, you will be told to come pick up your card in the Police and Border Guard Office or foreign representation!

Normally, the whole process should not take more than 4 weeks – but some delays can occur now and then, as they are working to expand and improve the issuing process.

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